Wednesday, April 30, 2008

One of those days!

I'm having one of those days. Did you ever feel like this?

My husband is making me feel bad because I'm going away for NSD on our 10th Wedding Anniversary. All, by the way I forgot to mention that I am a bag ho. That is what my friends call me. It used to be AC (ACMOORE), I think I like that name better. This is my little Elana, she doesn't like her hair up. Can you tell? Well I must go spend some time with my Wonderful Husband Roger. Check back tomorrow for another update.

Kathy (Bag ho)


Anonymous said...

Haha that's a good picture. I am sure she will hate it when she is a teenager so make sure to keep it around!

Babs said...

That is hysterically cute! Tell the hubby to is my 16th anniversary this weekend (Friday actually) and I'll be at the soccer fields getting ready for our kickoff weekend! :-) Go scrap - have fun. Celebrate the Anniv next weekend!

TracyDeh said...

Love the picture - and I have felt that way also. Today I just feel exhausted from all the fun of Friday and Saturday. Is NSD REALLY over? boo hoo. I had such a great time this weekend. Can't wait for the card crop at Camp Harmony!