Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Anyone for Kool Aid?

Happy Tuesday Everyone,

This was the bag I won on NSD. Let me know what you think. My friend Carolyn's sister makes these. I love it! It's made out of Kool-aid Jammers. Can you say Bag Ho! LOL Well I must get to bed, it's been a crazy day. Take Care!

The Bag Ho!


Lizzy said...

Love that bag! It is so bright and colorful and fun!

Take care, Missy

Babs said...

I love that! I bought two small ones (tiny ones) a couple of years ago at Bedford Days for my girls. They love them! I had thought of making them myself at one point and had the kindergarten class save theirs for me. In about a year I had hundreds and hundreds of them. I should see if I still have them and give them to you...might have pitched them...not sure but I had two large totes filled with them!