Sunday, June 8, 2008

Kindergarten Graduation

Well, Friday was Kindergarten Graduation for Ethan. He did such a good job! We are so very proud of him, he started out with a little trouble but ended up above average. I'm attaching some pictures of him and our family. Also, I made some thank you cards for the kids teachers. I got ACmoore gift cards to put inside of them. I used the idea I got from my friend Barb's Blog. it's under the one called Make N Take Monday. Thanks Barb! On the inside I put a teacher's poem. This is what it said.

I bet you've tied a million shoes and dried a million tears and given out a million hugs as a teacher, through the years.
In my child's life, the role you've played has been a priceless part and your must know the special place You hold in my child's heart
Thank You!

I got the poem from this website. I love the website, you have to check it out.

Have a great week!

The Bag Ho

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