Sunday, July 20, 2008

Busy Weekend

What a weekend! First thing Saturday morning I had a hair appt. 6:30 am, got all my hair cut off. Roger and I went to a wedding reception Saturday night, a girl at work got married. We got home at 12:15 am, I got a call at 1:00 am that my mom's heart was racing and that I needed to come over. Instead of my Dad calling 911 he calls me. She was taken by ambulance to Bedford Hospital at 2:00 am. I came home so that Roger could go to work at 3:00 am. I got a call at 5:00 am that they are going to keep her for 24 hrs. I got up and went to get my Dad so that he could come home and sleep. At 1:00pm I got a call that she was able to come home so Ethan and I went and picked her up. What a day! Mom is feeling better, Thank God! The doctor told her that she had low potassium (not sure about the spelling). Sorry, that I didn't get my Angel stuff delivered today. I have attached a few pictures of the reception. Enjoy!
The Bag Ho!


Lizzy said...

Glad that your Mom is okay.

Your hair looks GREAT!

The wedding looked beautiful!

Take care!

Babs said...

I"m so glad your mom is OK! Your hair looks fantastic! I'm getting mine cut tomorrow and I can't wait! That bride's dress looks GORGEOUS!