Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Tractor Show

Hi All,
First thing, my baby girls is feeling so much better.

This weekend was the ABC Fire Company Tractor Show. Each year they have a peddle pull on Sunday's for kids ages 4-9. They have a small sled with weights, and the kids peddle a little tractor. Ethan's age group had 28 kids in it, he took 4th place and got a trophy. Emily's age group had about 20 kids in it, she did well but didn't place. The kids peddled there hearts out. I have attached pictures of my two kids and Claire (CB's little girl). Enjoy!

Check out this cool picture of Elana in the bath tub. Emily was washing her hair. LOL
Take Care!
The Bag Ho

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Lizzy said...

That Pedal pull looks like a lot of hard work!!! (and lots of fun too!)

Wow what an incredible photo of Elana in the tub!

Take care!