Wednesday, January 21, 2009

S7 Club

HI All,
I wanted to post a few pictures of the projects we made this weekend at S7 club. First we made this Basket, I have to get candy for in them but I thought it would make nice gifts for the kids teachers. I made a few more on Sunday. I also posted a card that we made. I just love all the fun things that Barb teaches the group. We love ya Barb! Enjoy!


Anonymous said...


I love those baskets. You need to teach me. I need to get back into crafting. I miss it a lot. Since dad has passed I have thought a lot about life. I need to make time for the things I love family, frinds, & hobbies.


Lizzy said...

Hey There Bag Ho!

LOVE your candy baskets! Especially that Rusty Pickle papered one! I agree, Barb does a most fantastic job with our S7 group, which I guess now will be the S13! We can be a challenging bunch with our remedial measuring skills and such! LOL!! Can't wait to get together again!!

Take care! Missy

Babs said...

Great Job Kathy! Love them! I'm so happy to see that someone actually does the projects we do at S7!
ps - I had a hard time looking at your blog background. LOL! Still love my Boys! The really scary thing is that I think my DH wants to have a Super Bowl party. God in Heaven help me - Grant me strength! :-)